Compliance analysis for a new age of video.

Never write a compliance report again

Automated compliance reviews for content creators and distributors.

Reviewing audio and visual content in video and cross-checking against regulatory or legal compliance around the world is today lengthy and complex. It’s work traditionally done manually by small armies of content moderators, Standards & Practices departments, or editorial teams that takes a lot of time and reviews to get right.

Put a robot on the case

Whether you have the need to review an entire season of the latest hit sitcom, an entire catalog of movies, a whole bunch of sports clips, or a few dozen video ads, we have you covered. Our AI will automatically detect the scenes or video frames that may cause problems, based on specific criteria you define yourself.

Collaborate with colleagues

Need the legal department to review a borderline case? Want to debate the merits of a detected scene with your team, or need approvals to change something from the content owner? No problem, simply tag them on your comments or assign them to review a specific event. No more clips flying around on email or chat!

Automate your reporting

No one enjoys paperwork, so we do it for you. As you work, we log all relevant actions and automatically create a report for you to submit to the powers that be or just keep in a drawer for when they come knocking. Anything you marked as non-compliant can be exported for easy editing in your video suite of choice.

Interested in our tool?

All-In-One Video
Compliance solution.

Step 1: Create Policies

Mix and match dozens of detections into coherent policies.  Designed them for an audience, a specific market, or a distribution platform (streaming vs broadcast TV, for example.)

Step 2: Ingest video from a variety of sources

Mix and match dozens of detections into coherent policies.  Design a policy for a particular audience, a market, or a distribution platform (streaming vs YouTube vs broadcast TV, for example.)

Step 3: Process and collaborate

Trigger analyses jobs by pairing video files with policies. Automate and schedule batches to run overnight and make prep time minimal. When you’re ready to start your day, get yourself a big cup of coffee and review the work we did for you. Add your comments or collaborate online, and close off compliance reviews in record time.